Yokohama ES32 185/65R14
Price : $ 90 $ 120
Yokohama ES32 185/65R14
Price : $ 90 $ 120
Condition :
Brand New
Brand :
Model :
185 / 65 R 14
Load Index:
Speed Rating:
Description :
“BluEarth-Es” provides a well-balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tire—wet grip, wear resistance, durability, and fuel efficiency. It features a new tread pattern with a wide, square, powerful profile that delivers stable driving performance and safe handling. “BluEarth-Es” uses Yokohama Rubber’s proprietary “nano BLEND compound” comprising various materials, including orange oil, which creates an optimal balance of high fuel efficiency, superior wet grip performance, and wear resistance. The original “orange oil” makes the tire’s rubber more pliant, which results in an optimal contact area between tire and road, thereby reducing uneven wear.
Features/Benefits :
- Enhanced Wet & Dry Grip
The nano blend compound creates the best balance of fuel-saving performance, wet grip and wear resistance. The compound includes Orange Oil, which increases the contact surface and an agent to maintain flexibility.

- Long Tread Life and Improved Durability
High durability means more economical driving. The new profile creates a bold impression. The square, wide contact surface and even contact pressure ensure better resistance to wear. It also helps minimize uneven wear.